Our Background

Asia Pacific Energy Consulting (APEC) specializes in tactical consulting, focusing on research and analysis that help oil and gas companies assess and profit from emerging commercial situations. APEC projects center on problem-solving for companies targeting short- and medium-term business concerns, generally in a timeframe of one to five years. As a small independent shop, the company aims to provide tailored, company-specific services, either for regular core clients or on limited projects, targeting emerging business opportunities. APEC was established in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1995, moved offices to the US in 2000 and is now headquartered in Houston, Texas.
Our associates include:

AL TRONER is President of Asia Pacific Energy Consulting (APEC). Since 1984, Al has worked in Asia’s energy sector, establishing Dow Jones/ Telerate's regional energy services that year. He returned to Singapore in 1989 to found and then direct Petroleum Intelligence Weekly’s Asia-Pacific bureau. He won the International Association of Energy Economics award for Energy Journalism in 1994, retiring from journalism the following year to co-found APEC. From 1987-1989, he was as a research assistant for the energy group of the East West Center. Al has published studies on China, Vietnam, Singapore, Asia-Pacific Product Quality, Asia-Pacific and Global LNG, Pipeline Gas Development, East of Suez Condensate, World Crude Survey and on Global Acidic Crude Trade and Markets. He has worked in the energy industry in the U.S., Europe, North Africa and Mideast, as well as in Asia Pacific.

BRENTON RUDD, who retired early from Shell, has been working as an APEC Associate since 2002. By training a Chemical Engineer, Brenton has worked in both technical and operational roles in refineries in Australia and overseas. He also has managed supply and marketing for some of Shell’s downstream and upstream assets. His particular areas of strength are in downstream technical operations, crude/product qualities and modeling. Brenton is based in Melbourne.

JOHN YOUNG, based now in London after years of working with the company in the Mideast Gulf and Asia Pacific, is an expert in Mideast Gulf and South Asia trade, marketing and products. As an APEC associate he gives the company long-term experience and substantial depth in downstream topics for these subregions. Starting his oil industry career with BP many years ago, he worked with independent trading companies both in Singapore and the Mideast Gulf from 1982 to 1997. He subsequently joined Caltex (now Chevron) before leaving to establish European marketing for Dubai-based ENOC in 2002. Before joining APEC, he worked as an independent advisor in Kuwait for KPC. John has been an APEC Associate since 2003 and his substantial contacts, long experience and in-depth understanding contribute significantly to APEC’s in-house knowledge of trade, shipping and product flows from the Middle East Gulf.
In addition, we have part-time consultants on call in Singapore (trade, markets and storage), France (upstream), US (gas, refining and downstream).

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